Thursday, May 17, 2018

Images of Greatness Reflection

        We did our Images of Greatness project this quarter, we had to choose someone that we consider great and research them. I did Serena Williams, she is great because is one of the best players in her sport and has helped others. I admire Serena Williams because she has done so many things with her life and her money other than just playing tennis. Serena has built schools in poor countries and helped people that were affected by violence.
        During this unit, I am most proud of my board. It took a lot of time and work to complete. I stayed up late and got up early to work on it. I am also proud of my bio-riddle, I thought that it was going to be really hard to write and memorize, but it wasn't that hard. The most challenging thing in this unit was either finding the costume or memorizing and saying my bio-riddle. Memorizing was hard because I'm not very good at memorizing things but it made it harder when you realized that you had to say it in front of 100 or so people.
        I grew as a learner because I learned that you should always ask questions and try to be ahead. I could improve my work on this project by putting an even bigger effort into my essay. I feel like I could have written more but I didn't. I also could have memorized my bio-riddle sooner so I that I wouldn't have frozen up on stage. I would say the best part of the Images of Greatness Celebration would be the food and presenting our bio-riddles. I really like being on stage but I wasn't the greatest because I froze up a little bit and skipped some lines. The food was good because lots of people had really good food.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Des Moines Field Trip Relfection

 My favorite part of the trip was the art museum and the Science Center because it was really cool to see all the art and there was a lot of really fun things to do at the Science Center. Like the Crime Lab, the Fire and Ice demonstration and so much more.
        When we were at the art museum we had to find our favorite piece, the best example of art, names of famous artists and a piece that made you say, "Why is this art?". My two favorite pieces were the Des Moines River by unknown and Terminal by Robert (below). Terminal is my favorite piece because it was 3-D, white and geometric. I like Des Moines River because it was very pretty and showed lots of detail. I thought that Gerhard Richter's piece Land Shaft was the best example of art because it was a beautiful picture of a horizon and it was very pretty. I recognized some names in the museum like Picasso and Georgia O'Keefe. One piece that made me question if it really counted as art was this painting of a yellow oval over a blue background. I do not think that should count as art because it is something that I could do myself. Another one was Untitled #3 by Agnes Martin. This one was just 3 really light, thick lines on a canvas.
        The most educational thing on the trip I would have to say was the science center, one specific thing that I learned was that water is fire resistant. When we went to the Fire and Ice demonstration at the Science Center. Chris, the guy running the show, stuck his hand in water scooped bubbles made from dry ice and lit it on fire. His hand didn't get burnt because water is not flammable. The most fun thing on the trip was the Science Center, Zombie Burger, and swimming and games on Thursday night. There was so much to see and do at the Science Center, we made bubbles, made and shot rockets, saw snakes and so much more. Zombie Burger was fun because the food is really good and it was fun to hang out with friends and eat, the same goes for swimming because it was fun to swim and hang out with friends.
       The trip fits the theme of Images of Greatness because we went to the art museum, the Food Prize Hall, and the Science Center. At the art museum, we saw lots of great art and familiar names. The Food Prize Hall fits the theme really well because it honors the people who have done great things and won awards in agriculture. The Science Center had lots of career opportunities that people are considered great. If I could improve this trip I would get back from the Art Museum sooner and give us more time to hang out at night. This trip did a good job of having both fun and learning.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Indepedent Project Reflection

        I did my 8th grade independent project on demons and pentagrams, I told about the history and religions that both of these topics are used in; I presented it on Prezi. The thing I liked most about my project was learning about the different religions that pentagrams were used in because I didn't think that they were used for much. I also really liked the trick question that I put in my presentation about the definition of pentagrams and almost everyone got it wrong. One of the hardest parts of my project was finding reliable sources because I wasn't sure what I could trust. I improved as a learner during this project, I learned that I sometimes you really need to work outside of class and I did. If I could change or redo my project I would either a) change my topic b) know more about what I'm talking about and look up from my note cards.

Monday, January 8, 2018

One Word Post

       Mrs. Edlin presented a project to the class for the new year; she said that we were to come up with a word that we could use all year. When Mrs. Edlin told us about this project the word kindness was the word I immediately thought of. This word is one of  my family and personal goals this year; my dad always tells me to be nicer to my sister or just anyone in general. Even just saying "Hi" and smiling to somebody in the hall would help me achieve my goal. I really hope that this year I can reach and achieve my goal.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

To Kill A Mockingbird Reflection

        Lately our class finished reading and watching To Kill A Mockingbird and I was not disappointed; it definitely left out some parts but it was still pretty good. It was expected that they would leave out certain parts like all movies that were previously books.
        One of the big similarities is the plot; it does not change from the book to the movie. It was easy to know what was happening because it went in the correct order of, Tom Robinson going to trial for accused rape of a white woman, he later lost the trial, died, and then Boo Radley saved the kids from Bob Ewell's attack. Another similarity was that Jem, Scout and Dill sneak into the Radley yard. 
        Some of differences are is that they left out quite a few things with a lot of meaning such as Ms. Maudie's house fire which played a big role because it is one of the first times that Boo does something big for Scout. They left some smalls things like when Mrs. Dubose, Aunt Alexandra, and Francis.
        The movie was was not that much different then I thought it would be though it did leave out a couple parts. I expected to see Aunt Alexandra and Francis but she wasn't in the movie at all. If I could change something it would be changing the ham costume; I didn't imagine it to look like that. Also I would add where Bob Ewell says, "One down, two to go" because I feel like it is a very important line in the book. I don't think anything was better than expected but the trial was very similar to what I expected.
        In the end I looked the book better than movie because the movie left out small but important details. Though I did enjoy seeing the characters. 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

DWA Publishing 1st Quarter

        There are plenty of things that get on my nerves. One of those things is spelling and grammar errors. I can't stand when people spell words wrong and there are grammar errors in sentences. Also when people put the toilet paper roll on backwards. I find it extremely annoying. And finally when my sister takes my socks. I get so mad when my sister takes my socks. I can't stand it, those are MY socks DO NOT take them. I never can find my socks and when I do find them they are on her feet.

        I'm not really scared of a lot of things but I am really scared of getting kidnapped. I walk home a lot from school and I always think to myself, "What do I have that I could use to survive getting kidnapped". I don't know why but I'm also afraid of  home invasion. One of biggest fears is death. I don't want to die, first, because I like my life. Second, because what is death like? Does it hurt? I don't know, and that leads to fear of the unknown. One time I was in a haunted house, I was pushed forward and had to go first in a tight area. I didn't want to go first because I didn't know what was gonna be on the other side.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Words of Wisdom

    I came to a conclusion that in life we are supposed to work hard. I got lots of quotes about working hard so that we can succeed. Another conclusion I came to is that we are supposed to enjoy life. I was given 3 plus quotes about enjoying life. The final conclusion is that we have to take risks to succeed, which I do believe.