Friday, March 17, 2017

National History Day Reflection

       Delaney, Hailey, and I did a website on Lewis W. Hine. Here is the link to our website. Lewis Hine took pictures of under aged children working in dangerous places and with bad clothing. My favorite part about our project is the pictures on our website because they show how the children kept going with their work even though they worked in very bad conditions.
      Lewis Hine would disguise himself to get into the factories and mines to take the pictures and interview the children. This is the most interesting thing I learned because it shows Hine's grit to help the suffering kids. The second most interesting thing I learned was that children under the age of 18 actually worked for hours at a time in factories just to make money for their families. This interests me because they didn't have a choice to work because they needed what little money they were given.
      The hardest part of our project was definitely the annotated bibliographies because one source that we had to do four or five times until it finally saved. We worked on our annotated bibliographies after school a lot. I improved as a learner by understanding that you sometime have to take things into your own hands. I worked on our annotations at home to be able to finish.
       I want to improve the things on our website, specifically, our process paper and annotations need to be on the website instead of just a link. I am most proud of our website as a whole because it has a ton of pictures and interesting facts. I am also proud that we created a website! That's not something you do everyday.
       Our topic relates to the theme because Lewis Hine stood up by fighting against employers and owners of the factory. He believed that he could do something to help the suffering children. If there is anyway I would improve the history day process it would be to give more time for annotations because they are a lot of work to do in just one week. Especially if you are working by yourself or with one other person.

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